Cell-Based Assay Scientist / Post-Doctoral Appointment

SAMDI Tech (Chicago, IL) leads the industry with an innovative approach to drug discovery. We use our unique label-free SAMDI technology to offer drug discovery solutions to our global client base. SAMDI Tech is developing a disruptive cell-based assay that will allow, for the first time, label-free and high-throughput screening of specific enzyme activities to accelerate drug discovery.

We are seeking an outstanding, innovative, and skilled Scientist/Post-doctoral researcher to join our dynamic Research Team. The Scientist / Post-doctoral researcher will lead a team to develop our novel SAMDI cell-based assay, and aid in commercializing the assay for high-throughput screening and characterization of drug candidates and reaction mechanisms.

What You’ll Be Doing:
• Develop novel label-free and high-throughput cell-based assays
• Manage the tissue culture facility (BSL2), including all cell lines, relevant reagents, and equipment
• Design and execute cell-based SAMDI experiments
• Contribute strategically to technology development and direction
• Work closely with the Chief Scientific Officer to support technology development, implementation, and commercialization
• Offer scientific and technical leadership within the Research Team
• Ensure operations are designed and sourced appropriately to achieve research goals
• Manage external collaborations and serve as a key scientific liaison with our partners and collaborators

What You’ll Bring to the Team
• Expertise in cell-biology and cell-based assays
• Proven experience in generating cell lines, including over-expressing and knockout cell lines using CRISPR and/or other technologies
• Strong background in cell culture, enzymology, and microscopy
• Ability to think outside the box and independently
• Enthusiasm in building innovative and state-of-the-art technology capabilities that will be a game-changer for drug discovery
• Passion for working in a dynamic, quickly adapting environment where we work individually and in teams
• Pride for leading a team and working at the forefront of research

Qualifications and Preferred Experience
• Ph.D. in biology, immunology, biochemistry, epigenetics or related field
• Outstanding cell-based assay focused publication record
• Post-doctoral experience is a plus
• Strong desire to work in a dynamic environment
• Experience with automated liquid handling, enzyme kinetics, mass spectrometry, and high-throughput screening is preferred
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Ability to multitask and thrive in a fast-paced and challenging environment
• Strong computer skills and experience in generating graphical outputs of data is preferred
• Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, and have experience leading a group and overseeing interdisciplinary projects