Scientist / Associate Director – Cell-based assays and screening

Company Description

SAMDI Tech is a rapidly growing world-class contract research company with an innovative approach to drug discovery using our unique label-free SAMDI technology. In the company’s ten-year history, SAMDI Tech has become a leading provider of label-free assay solutions. SAMDI Tech works with many of the top-10 large pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies, and continues to expand its global client base.

At SAMDI Tech, our mission is to deliver unrivaled solutions through expert technical knowledge, communication, the highest quality data, and rapid turnaround time.

Role Description

The Scientist / Associate Director will lead/co-lead the cell-based assay team at SAMDI Tech that will offer high-throughput cell-based drug discovery assays to our clients. The scientist will also lead the research and development of a proprietary high-throughput and label-free cell-based assay that reports on specific enzyme activities (offered exclusively at SAMDI Tech) and will be instrumental in commercializing the assay for high-throughput screening and identification/characterization of drug candidates and reaction mechanisms for our clients.

The position reports to the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). Responsibilities include:

  • Expand a commercial tissue culture facility for mammalian cell culture and mentor a quality research team
  • Direct group activities by performing operations and administrative management duties such as budget planning for capital expenditures, labor, consumables, and additional scientific service offerings
  • Lead/co-lead efforts to develop and execute in vitro high-throughput cell-based assays that address clients’ needs for screening and mechanism of action studies
  • Lead/co-lead internal technology development projects around novel cell-based SAMDI assays
  • Stay informed of the latest scientific and competitive developments and apply knowledge to SAMDI Tech projects
  • Review, analyze, and communicate results to clients and the SAMDI Tech team
  • Contribute to building a culture that fosters scientific excellence, integrity with a sense of urgency and collaborative spirit

What You’ll Bring to the Team

  • Expertise in cell-biology and cell-based assays used in high throughput drug discovery such as ELISA, HTRF, BrdU incorporation, viability, apoptosis, target engagement, among others
  • Critical thinking to develop novel assays, design experiments, and interpret results independently
  • Proven experience in generating cell lines, including over-expressing and knockout cell lines using CRISPR and/or other technologies
  • Minimum 3 years of industry experience in small molecule drug discovery and developing and running high-throughput in vitro cellular assays

 Qualifications and Preferred Experience

  • Ph.D. in biology, immunology, biochemistry, cell biology, or related field
  • An outstanding cell-based assay focused publication record
  • 3 year industry experience in cell-based assay development and screening
  • Experience with automated liquid handling, enzyme kinetics, mass spectrometry, and high-throughput screening is preferred
  • Broad understanding of drug discovery
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Experience working with optical and radioactivity plate readers
  • Ability to multitask and thrive in a fast-paced and challenging environment
  • Strong computer skills and experience in generating graphical outputs of data is preferred
  • You demonstrate a track record of being strong interpersonally and with experience leading a group and overseeing interdisciplinary projects


  • You will make an incredible impact as a key member of an emerging brand that’s revolutionizing drug discovery research
  • Working with a unified group of passionate team members that are driven by improving drug discovery to benefit researchers and ultimately the patients
  • Integrating into a company that is passionate about its people and their development
  • Employee benefits including health, dental, vision, life, disability, and a 401(k) plan


If you are interested in this opportunity, please use one page or less to answer the following questions:

  • How does your work philosophy integrate SAMDI Tech’s core values?
  • What are the behaviors of a good team member and why?
  • What assay technologies are your favorite and why?
  • How have you become better over the past year?

We are seeking high-energy individuals who are motivated by challenges, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and have a desire to make a significant impact in the life sciences and drug discovery. Compensation will be competitive for the ideal candidate.