January 25, 2023
Panoramazaal at Pivot Park, Netherlands

SAMDI Tech is looking forward to attending Label-Free Mass Spectrometry Assays for Early Drug Discovery at Panoramazaal at Pivot Park, Netherlands on January 25, 2023. This one-day only symposium will highlight the recent advances and applications of label-free high-throughput cell-based and affinity-selection mass spectrometry (MS) screening assay technologies as an emerging lead discovery strategy.

Join CSO, Dr. Zack Gurard-Levin for a presentation on addressing the current challenge of cumbersome sample prep procedures of label-free analysis of biochemical activities. Dr. Gurard-Levin will present the application of SAMDI in an ASMS format to screen and characterize candidate molecular glues, and describe how the development of a duplexed assay was used to simultaneously measure and distinguish tyrosine and threonine phosphatase activities from cells.

Wednesday, January 25
3:10 p.m. CET
From analyzing purified targets to cells: Combining surface chemistry and MALDI MS to analyze biochemical and binding reactions

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We hope to see you there!

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