February 25 - March 1, 2023
San Diego, CA
Booth #1144

SAMDI Tech, now a Charles River company, is looking forward to attending SLAS 2023 International Conference & Exhibition in San Diego, CA, February 25-March 1, 2023. Learn more about SAMDI Tech’s innovative approach to analyzing small molecules, peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, or other analytes. Our team of biochemistry and chemistry experts work with you to design the right experiment and get the results you need to make critical decisions to advance your projects.

Learn how to get data-driven results in as little as 24 hours at booth #1144 and by attending our solutions spotlight session. Be sure to also check out Charles River at booth #1156. See you there!

Solutions Spotlight
From purified targets to cells: Combining surface chemistry and MALDI mass spec to analyze biochemical reactions and binding interactions

Dr. Zack Gurard-Levin, Chief Scientific Officer
Monday, February 27, 2023, 12:30-12:50 p.m. PST
Solutions Spotlight Theater

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