October 6, 2015

CHICAGO, IL – October 6, 2015 — SAMDI Tech and Confluence Discovery Technologies are expanding their service offering by entering into a partnership agreement, allowing SAMDI Tech and Confluence Discovery Technologies to mutually promote their respective services. The two companies aim to offer a range of services from drug discovery to preclinical development, combining their expertise to the benefit of their clients. The partnership provides SAMDI Tech’s clients the added benefit of Confluence’s broad service capabilities from drug discovery to drug development.

“Confluence is an ideal partner for SAMDI Tech. SAMDI Tech’s service offerings in assay development, high throughput screening, hit confirmation using its label-free assay technology, coupled with Confluence’s diverse service capabilities in drug discovery and drug development gives both companies the ability to offer a comprehensive solution to our clients.” said Emilio Córdova Ph.D., MBA, CEO at SAMDI Tech.

SAMDI is a unique label-free assay platform for measurement of complex biochemical activity.

Joseph Monahan, Ph.D., President and Co-Founder of Confluence commented, “The complementary services offered by Confluence Discovery Technologies and SAMDI Tech will provide our customers the entire spectrum of drug discovery offerings from HTS screen and follow up through structure-based drug design, cell based assays and in vivo pharmacology making this a powerful partnership.”

About SAMDI Tech, Inc
SAMDI Tech, Inc, headquartered in Chicago, IL is a contract research organization supporting discovery research. SAMDI’s pioneering technology combines surface chemistry and MALDI mass spectrometry in both 384 and 1536 format for rapid assay development, high-throughput screening, and peptide substrate discovery and supports both biotech and large pharmaceutical companies. Learn more about SAMDI Tech at www.samditech.com.

About Confluence Discovery Technologies, Inc.
Confluence Discovery Technologies, Inc., based in St. Louis, MO delivers custom research solutions in molecular biology, biochemistry, mechanistic enzymology, cell biology biomarker development, in vivo efficacy models and computational/medicinal chemistry. The company specializes in complex biological systems, challenging drugtarget inhibitory mechanisms and preclinical and clinical biomarker development. Learn more about Confluence Discovery Technologies at www.confluencediscovery.com.


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SAMDI Tech, Inc.
Emilio Cordova
Phone: +1 765 404 1392

Confluence Discovery Technologies
Joseph Monahan
Phone: +1 314 932 4032 ext 305

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