February 4, 2015

CHICAGO, IL – February 4, 2015 — SAMDI Tech is expanding its global presence in Japan by entering a partnership agreement with On Target Co., Ltd adding SAMDI Tech’s exclusive assay services to its list of carefully selected international partners. SAMDI is a unique label-free assay platform for measurement of complex biochemical activity. On Target acts as a key liaison to connect companies in preclinical discovery with the appropriate services and products needed to streamline their efforts.

“We are excited to have a partnership with On Target Co., Ltd. to help our clients in Japan. SAMDI Tech offers unique assay service capabilities that can benefit pharmaceutical companies in their drug discovery efforts. With On Target Co., Ltd. as a partner in Japan, SAMDI Tech will have strong visibility in the Japanese pharmaceutical marketplace to grow its drug discovery service business.” said Emilio Córdova, Ph.D., MBA Chief Executive Officer at SAMDI Tech.

“Our partnership with SAMDI Tech is a great match,” said Keiichi Yokoyama, Ph.D., Sales & Business Development Director of On Target. “On Target is dedicated to accelerating drug discovery in Japan by providing researchers with accurate technical information and a convenient route to access advanced discovery services from ex-Japan providers. SAMDI Tech’s enabling, label-free assay platform will be of great interest to our clients and we look forward to working together to expand SAMDI Tech’s business in Japan.”

About SAMDI Tech, Inc
SAMDI Tech, Inc, headquartered in Chicago, IL is a contract research organization supporting discovery research. SAMDI’s pioneering technology combines surface chemistry and MALDI mass spectrometry in both 384 and 1536 format for rapid assay development, high-throughput screening, and peptide substrate discovery and supports both biotech and large pharmaceutical companies. Learn more about SAMDI Tech atwww.samditech.com.

About On Target Co., Ltd
On Target Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is an established sales, marketing and customer service organization uniquely specialized and uniquely experienced to represent the interests of ex-Japan companies in the Japan drug discovery marketplace. Close and efficient communication with our business partners together with exceptional support to our clients remain the key to our success. Learn more about On Target atwww.ontarget-ddss.co.jp.


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