Milan Mrksich, PhD

Dr. Milan Mrksich, the inventor of the SAMDI technology, is the Henry Wade Rogers Professor at Northwestern University and holds appointments in the departments of chemistry, biomedical engineering and cell biology. His research combines synthetic chemistry with materials science to study important problems in cell biology. Dr. Mrksich develops biochips for a host of biological and biotechnological applications and develops mimics of the extracellular matrix for studies of cell adhesion and migration.

Additionally, Dr. Mrksich has patented several chip-based chemical technologies for rapidly screening biological molecules for active compounds. Along with Dr. Carmichael Roberts, he founded Arsenal Medical Inc., a medical devices company that has a stent product in clinical trials.

Having authored 150 peer-reviewed articles, many based on the SAMDI technology, Dr. Mrksich was named by Technology Review magazine as one of the 100 Top Young Innovators in 2002.

Dr. Mrksich has a doctorate in chemistry from California Institute of Technology and served a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University.