Many promising therapeutic targets encounter challenges early in drug discovery due to low turnover activities or weak binding ligands. In order to overcome these challenges, highly-sensitive assay technologies are required to achieve sufficient signal to background for robust characterization of small molecule modulators.

SAMDI Tech’s radioactivity platform is unique, offering high-throughput screening in 384-well format to minimize reagent consumption and costs. Our highly sensitive radioactivity assays measure enzyme activity and binding events by Flashplate and Scintillation Proximity Assay (SPA) technology with benefits for diverse targets and analytes including:

  • High-throughput screening in 384-well format
  • Amenable to 3H, 14C, 32P, and 33P radionuclides
  • IC50 characterization of enzyme inhibitors
  • Calculation of binding constants and kinetic parameters
  • Mechanism of inhibition or binding

Whether developing novel assays, running a high-throughput screen (HTS) or a need for an orthogonal assay platform,
SAMDI Tech’s team of biochemical experts ensures its radioactivity assays will generate the quality data you need to advance
your discovery pipelines.

SAMDI Radioactivity Assay TechNote

Radioactivity  Assays for Methyltransferases

Learn how SAMDI Tech’s radioactivity assays deliver better, faster results to accelerate your drug discovery project.

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