An Unprecedented Screening Format for Small Molecule Binders to Any Target

Affinity selection mass spectrometry (ASMS) is a technique used to discover small molecules that engage a specific target. ASMS offers benefits such as:

  • Enabling hit identification for targets not amenable to traditional biochemical assays
  • Identifying non-covalent binders according to their mass ID, minimizing false positive results

However, conventional ASMS techniques require extensive sample preparation, significant reagent consumption, and limited throughput.

The SAMDI ASMS platform offers better, faster solutions:

SAMDI ASMS accelerates hit finding efforts for any target, including proteins, complexes, and oligonucleotide targets such as RNA. Our high-quality, pharmacophore-like collection of over a half-million compounds is available for primary screens, hit confirmation, and dose response analysis to affinity rank binders.

High-Throughput ASMS

Learn how SAMDI-MS identifies small-molecule binders of the human rhinovirus 3C protease.

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