Arginase catalyzes the hydrolysis of L-arginine to L-ornithine and urea. Ornithine serves as the biosynthetic precursor of proline, a critical component of collagen and polyamines, which contribute to cell growth and proliferation. Arginase activity also plays a role in the regulation of nitric oxide (NO) synthesis. The upregulation of arginase activity is implicated in various pathologies including cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, and obesity, as well as asthma and tumor immune escape. Thus, arginase modulators could have widespread therapeutic value and are currently targeted for drug discovery.

What We Offer

SAMDI Tech offers the only label-free high-throughput assay for quantitative analysis of arginase activity using native substrates. Our proprietary technology enables the capture and enrichment of the arginine substrate and ornithine product onto SAMDI 384 or 1536 biochip arrays for analysis by mass spectrometry. The label-free platform overcomes the need for cumbersome fluorescent-based substrates or indirect readouts that interfere with activity and produce high rates of false-positive hits.

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