Proteases are involved in protein processing, regulation of protein function, apoptosis, viral pathogenesis, digestion, photosynthesis, and numerous other essential processes. These enzymes hydrolyze and cleave peptide bonds that link amino acids in polypeptide chains. Proteases are often used as a research tool and have found their way into everyday products from meat tenderizer to laundry detergents. Proteases are also valuable targets in many therapeutic areas including diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and viral infection.

What We Offer

SAMDI Tech offers a plug-and-play format for quantitative analysis of protease activity using native substrates. Native peptide and protein substrates can be captured and purified onto SAMDI 384 or 1536 biochip arrays for analysis by mass spectrometry.

SAMDI Advantages

  • Fast – Eliminates labels and reduces assay development time
  • Efficient – Multi-analyte detection and 10,000s of samples analyzed per day
  • Quantitative – Measures enzyme kinetics, mechanism of action, and IC50s

Examples of Protease Assays

  • Coagulation enzymes (Factor IX, X, Xa)
  • Caspases
  • Diprolyl peptidases (DPPs)
  • And many more

Assay Format
SAMDI surface chemistry for purification of peptide analytes prior to mass spectrometry. Protease is reacted with peptide substrate and both substrate and product are captured to SAMDI arrays.

SAMDI Mass Spectrometry
SAMDI mass spectrum of proteolysis event where 30% of substrate is converted to product.

Assay Development
SAMDI is quantitative and can measure enzyme kinetics including: Vo vs [Enzyme], enzyme linearity, Kdetermination, and plate uniformity.

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