The goal of drug discovery is clear: Identify the most promising leads in the shortest amount of time. Many companies have several projects ongoing simultaneously, which can limit internal resources (space, lab equipment, personnel) and delay progress. Alternatively, some targets require novel, innovative solutions that may not be accessible in conventional drug discovery labs. For these reasons and others, many biotech and pharmaceutical companies – along with government research labs and academic institutions – rely on contract research organizations (CROs) for drug discovery services. CROs offer an established infrastructure to develop, initiate, execute, and progress drug discovery programs towards the clinic. Outsourcing can alleviate unnecessary backlogs and provide access to cutting-edge technologies, giving companies an edge to reach critical discovery milestones in a timely manner. However, while CROs have proven to be powerful resources for supporting drug discovery, working with CROs also presents several challenges. 

This white paper expands on three key factors – cost, time, and innovation – and illustrates how integrating these factors will minimize the challenges and ensure success in outsourcing drug discovery. 

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