Eliminate Questions Surrounding Your Data

Are your assays prone to false positive and false negative results? Is your assay development process slowing you down?
When every sample, every second and every cent matter, SAMDI (Self-Assembled Monolayer Desorption Ionization) technology is your solution.


with fluorophores, antibodies and radioisotopes

Label-based methods:

  • Require tedious and expensive development
  • May produce false positive and false negative results


with traditional mass spectrometry

Traditional MS methods:

  • Require cumbersome sample preparation procedures
  • Are low-throughput

Believe in Better, Faster, Data-Driven Results


Believe in quality data


Believe in rapid turnaround


Believe in SAMDI technology

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Can going label-free accelerate your drug discovery program?

Learn how SAMDI Tech’s label-free solutions helped accelerate a drug discovery program by delivering high-quality, decision-making data ahead of schedule.

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